How sales and distribution app works?

Tracking sales in field and dispatch for distribution is one of the use case created using Easyform platform.

Application can be customized to meet your need with your logo, theam, price list, product list and customer master. Application is flexible to accommodate changes in Product and Price list, work flow and escalation process. Application can works in off line mode and upload field data as and when internet connection is available. Location intelligence makes field staff more accountable and productive. Sales staff can easily book order with mobile handset as pricelist, customer master and product list is available on finger tips. Online order booking gives high level of visibility to central sales coordinator. Sales coordinator can plan route for dispatch of products more accurately. Dispatch team has information like list of items to be dispatch to customer address on mobile. Application help them by showing nearest customer location on top of the list. Distribution team can take signature and photo as proof of service form customer. Auto sms can be triggered to customer as closer of job. Central coordinator has online information of delivery of products in field. Application improved over all visibility and productivity as well as save cost and optimize revenue.

Case Study

Tej impact is distributor of spice and packed dry foods. Timely accurate delivery and payment collection is a key to success in business. Efficiency of dispatch by route optimization is critical for cost control. It was difficult for delivery team to keep tab on nearest retailers with manual process. Process was person dependent and required local knowledge of roads and areas. Ensuring right route and visit to retailer was challenge. App was implemented for tighter control on delivery process. Information about what to deliver and whom to deliver is handy on smart phone with App. It is now easy to know who is nearest retailer and navigate with shortest route. No need to remember prices or keep price list. Preparing invoice, passing discount, printing invoice, capturing signature of customer and updating payment collection with smart phone and Bluetooth printer is easy. Supervisor has visibility on current locations and route travel by delivery teams. App helps supervisor to have online track of delivery. Management has view on payment collection and item wise delivery.

  • Global product and price list assignment
  • Discounting of product
  • Alerting with email, sms
  • Calculating field for invoice and quotation generation
  • Email invoice and quotation
  • Work flow creation
  • Reporting and escalation handling
  • Mapping and navigation
  • Photograph
  • Customers signature
  • Receipt printing

User Cases
  • Distributor companies of FMCG products
  • Courier delivery companies
  • Utility billing and distributions
  • Pizza and food delivery companies

  • To Improve productivity and faster data collection using mobile handset.
  • To establish control on field staff as application is capable of detecting location with GPS or network information.
  • To establish end-to- end process control and reverse tracking of ownership and responsibility when required.
  • To reduce resource requirement and saves cost.
  • Improve accuracy and ensure compliance in work.
  • Generate report near real time.
  • Reduce usage of paper – Go green