Benefits of Lead Management

Sales force automation brings simplicity and visibility of Lead management and customer visit process. Visibility brings better control on sales team and make them feel accountable. Improved sales deal closer results in higher sales and increased revenue. Filed efficiency due to sales force automation results into optimized cost of operation.



Automate your Lead management and customer visit processes

Sales force automation application has built in functionality of Lead management and customer visit management. Application supports customization of Lead stages to be monitored.

How It Works?

Typical workflow for lead management is as follows. Lead management is about management of customer’s contacts and management of customer visits. Salesman can create contact, search contact and create / plan visit by fixing appointments. Calendar view and list view is available for planned visits. Navigation and GPS location tag is available as location intelligence. App supports checklist with radio buttons, check boxes, pull down menu, photo upload, bar code and signature of customer. GPS can be used to ensure geo tagging of task. Report can be generated in PDF and Excel formats. Chats and dashboards are useful for monitoring productivity of field staff. App can be customized with your checklists, logos and color. Different users can have different level of authority and rights to view reports and information. Work flow can be customized to meet your organization need.


Salesman can update outcome of visits, status and follow up action. System will remind to visit on follow up date. History of customer interaction is available to salesman.